Our Beginnings

Cloud Top is the labor of love created by entrepreneur, mom, and local Pasadena resident, Kathy Kim, who in 2008 set out to create the ultimate organic frozen yogurt concoction that would be both equally indulgent and still honestly good for you in a way that resonated with her personally—particularly as a parent constantly on the lookout for healthier but tasty food options for her young children.

Cloud Top is proud to offer premium certified organic frozen yogurt options in a category that is still sorely outdated in terms of ingredient quality and integrity. And unlike the majority of other frozen yogurt varieties out in the marketplace, Cloud Top is made with only wholesome natural ingredients and contains no corn syrup, artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or preservatives.

Best of all, it is delicious!  


To create and serve the freshest, best-tasting, healthiest frozen yogurt in the world with products, service, and a store environment that nourishes the body and inspires the soul.