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Vegan Non-Dairy Cultured Soft Serve with Live Probiotics

It's Here! Vegan Coconut Cultured Soft Serve with Live Probiotics (dairy free and soy free!)

This special flavor has been in our hearts and palates for some time.  We always listen to our customers and value their thoughts on what they believe is missing in the frozen yogurt/soft-serve landscape.  We decided it was time that those who cnnot partake in dairy or soy-based desserts should no longer be missing out on all the delicious fun!   Crafted with care for over a year in our test kitchen, we are so thrilled to finally make available our vegan coconut cultured soft serve that is not only dairy free but soy free and made with live probiotics.  It is rich, creamy, and was designed to be used with all of our current Cloud Top Premium Fruit Preps and Flavors.  Our vegan soft serve is unlike sorbets out there in that it is creamy and luscious in texture.  You will have to taste it to understand what makes it so divine!  We are happy to be make an entire line of desserts specifically meeting the needs of those who prefer non-dairy and soy-free frozen yogurt/soft-serve.

Cloud Top's Vegan Soft Serve is:
•   made with delicious coconut milk
•   rich in Medium Chain Fatty Acids (from coconut fat)
•   a good source of Calcium
•   a good source of Vitamin D (plant source)
•   real yogurt!  It contains Cloud Top’s special 6 strain probiotic blend
•   vegan
•   Cholesterol FREE
•   Trans Fat FREE
•   Dairy FREE & / Lactose FREE
•   Soy FREE
•   Gluten FREE